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After many years, Samuel Nightingale has been laid-off. His pregnant wife encourages him to take the opportunity to write a book about his long-held secret of being kidnaped as a child. As he does, strange things begin to happen. He is being watched!

Prologue from ‘After’

Below the champagne bubbles, he saw Jahva waiting for him. He was lying horizontally at the bottom, legs crossed, head resting in his hand, hair floating out in a kinky mass. If Sam hadn’t been so overwhelmed with the intensity of the moment, he might have laughed. Instead, he held his breath as he stared at Jahva, trying to muster up the courage to deliberately inhale water. But, he ran out of breath and surfaced.

Minuette said nothing. He took another lung-full of air and dipped under the water again. Once more, he surfaced. “Blessed wonder!” he exclaimed. Minuette remained his silent sentinel. Finally, on the fourth try underwater, he held his breath to the point of nearly passing out, his eyes squeezed shut. It took every fibre of nerve he had to force out the last bit of air in his lungs, with one great furious blast of bubbles. Then, squeezing his eyes shut even tighter − he inhaled!

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Vampire Knight Forbidden

It is the thirteenth century, and 17-year-old Adaira is a prisoner of war in an English army camp. She is disguised as a peasant girl and is furious with herself for being captured. Her biggest secret is that she is the niece to the King of Scotland, England’s enemy! Draegan is the handsome dangerous knight who holds her captive.

He, too, has his secrets. He is an ‘Old Soul’ – a vampire-human hybrid who has lived for centuries on battlefields to survive. He is lonely and has been waiting for the right woman to love him for who he really is. Adaira has never been in love before and never thought much about men until Draegan. As much as these two enemies try to deny it, they fall in love but can love rise above the boundaries of war and their secrets?

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